Electric Surfboard

Lampuga air

Lampuga Air is an innovative electric powered surfboard that combines speed, agility and eco-friendliness, delivering unparalleled experiences on the waves.

At first glance, the Lampuga Air is an elegant surfboard. Its aerodynamic shape and lightweight construction in double layer PVC and carbon fiber ensure optimal performance and maneuverability. The aerodynamic design allows the board to glide effortlessly over the water surface, providing unparalleled emotions.

Powered by an advanced electric propulsion system, the Lampuga Air offers an exceptional driving experience.

The Lampuga Air is composed of two main bodies easily assembled: the engine body (Lampuga Booster) pre-assembled with battery compartment and the inflatable hull made of sturdy double layer PVC. The hull is equipped with five handles and a central non-slip grip.

The integrated electric drive body allows you to reach electrifying speeds (up to 48 kilometers per hour), furrowing the waves quickly and decisively.

The 10 kW electric motor powers a jet propeller that sucks water and sends it back to the stern of the table producing a powerful propulsive flow.

The power supply of the electric motor is guaranteed by the battery pack (3.6 kWh) with high-capacity lithium-ion, which allows a range of up to 45 minutes. Thanks to a plug-and-play system, the battery is easily removable and replaceable.

With a 220 V socket, 120 minutes are enough for a full charge.

In terms of safety Lampuga Air is equipped with an intelligent self-balancing system, which helps maintain stability and prevents accidents caused by sudden changes in weight distribution.

The magnetic kill switch system, located on the back of the board and is connected to the ankle via a safety cable. If the surfer falls off the board, the kill switch comes off and the engine immediately shuts down.

In addition, the board is equipped with integrated LED lights, which ensure visibility even in low light conditions, and a safety leash to keep the pilot always connected to the board.

Speed control is possible through the remote control, which is connected to the board via Bluetooth. The remote control is mounted on a handle connected to the boards via a cable, allowing greater stability and control. For more experienced users you can use the remote control without the connection cable to the table.

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The Lampuga Air represents a new era of electric surfboards, combining speed, agility and eco-awareness.

Technical Specifications

Speed:up to 50 km/h
Battery:up to 45 min
Engine:10 kW
Charging:120 min
Weight:55 kg

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