Solar Blinds


SolarGaps roller blinds are an intelligent system for shielding openings: in addition to helping to keep the apartment cool, they generate electricity automatically following the sun.

Installed outside the building, these blinds provide active shading reducing the use of air conditioning and at the same time contribute to the reduction of energy bills: just connect them and solar energy will contribute to the energy needs, reducing the on-grid supply.

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A window of about 1 square meters equipped with SolarGaps blinds can reduce electricity consumption by 100 Watts per hour.

   The blinds are made up of solar slats connected by a steel cable that ensures a secure fastening and in the presence of strong wind they can retract completely inside their front box.

They are connected to the electricity grid through the inverter, transforming solar energy into electricity.

The operating temperatures range from -20 ° C to 60 ° C with a relative humidity of 20% and from -10 ° C to 40 ° C with a corresponding humidity of 80%.

Built for any weather conditions, SolarGaps blinds  have a sensor system that retracts completely in the event of adverse weather conditions.

These blinds use SunPower C60 solar elements, made with laminated monocrystalline silicon cells, with an efficiency of 22.6%. These solar elements are embedded in aluminum panels, coated with self-cleaning ETFE, which allows to achieve a production capacity of 100 Watts per square meter, during the day.

The surface is designed to ensure easy cleaning, even if most of the dirt is naturally washed away with rain and snow.

The SolarGaps are guaranteed for two years, with a useful life of at least ten. The useful life of solar panels is at least 25 years, however, this does not mean that photovoltaic panels will become completely useless, only after two decades of use the efficiency of solar panels will slowly begin to decline.

Usually, solar panels degrade by about 1% each year and it is quite common for a high quality 20-year-old solar cell to run at 80% of its original productivity.

Thanks to an easy-to-use app, SolarGaps blinds can be connected to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can control the position of the blinds, useful for example if you have an urgent need to retract the shutters in anticipation of storms or snowstorms.

Through this application, you can read reports and control the blinds by integrating them into the smart home system. The app is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and it is possible, for example, to schedule it to open in the morning and closing at night.

The slats are moved by an electric motor that, by means of an intelligent tracking system, orients them according to the position of the sun.

The SolarGaps system is connected to the domestic electricity grid or to the batteries through the small micro inverter so as to take up little space (for example, it is possible to place them under the window sill).

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