Multi-purpose Tool Holder


Extricate yourself among the steep terraced vineyards, the narrow streets between the rows and the low pergolas was only possible with manual intervention. Work on crops, as well as the transport of things, are laborious and time-consuming activities.

Nowadays, these activities are carried out with the help of mechanical means, which however encounter difficulties when the terrain is particularly steep and inaccessible.

Vitrac represents a new generation of /tool carriers, initially designed for viticulture is able to operate in extreme slopes and narrow streets. This work vehicle is able to combine grip and safety with handling and driving comfort.

This machine initially designed exclusively as a support for pulverizers, over the years, has become increasingly multifunctional.

Thanks to the double articulation joint, the machine can reach a turning angle of about 80° without losing stability.

The position of the central joint means that the axis of rotation runs parallel to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, even during operation. The proportional electric valve allows you to perform even the smallest movements with maximum precision.

The reversible seat allows the manoeuvring of the rear and front accessories, it is possible to easily rotate it by 180° together with all the control elements, without the need for tools. In the same way, the safety frame and the step adapted to the operating pedal can be moved.

The relevant information can be found on the display: temperature, speed, daily and total mileage, maintenance intervals, as well as individual settings related to the connected accessory tool. The ignition lock and the diesel engine control panel are easily accessible and well protected.

Control of the vehicle and accessories is possible through an ergonomic pedal and two practical joysticks that allow an exceptional manoeuvrability.

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The VITRAC range includes numerous accessory tools for a variety of operations. The innovative tool holder system has been developed to replace them quickly and effortlessly: after the application of the support feet, just remove the fixing pins and disconnect the electrical and hydraulic connections.

The machine automatically recognizes the accessory tool mounted, optimally adapting all the necessary settings, such as oil quantity and control elements, In addition to allowing the use of 11 programmable electrical outputs for the control of hydraulic valves, as well as 7 analog, digital and encoder inputs.

Technical Specifications

EngineDiesel Kohler KDW1404/ B6
Number of cylinder4
Power (n. round/max.)23,5 kW (32 CV)
Displacement1.372 ccm
TractionVariable hydraulic integral (0-10 km/h) with electronic speed control
Power take-offHydraulic with 250 bar bidirectional piston pump, adjustable from 0-50 l
Tire5.70 -12 with pressure 3.5 bar (total width 80 cm)
Tire option23 x 8.50 -12 10PR with pressure 1.5 bar (total width 90 cm), 23 x 10.50 -12 10PR with pressure 1 bar (total width 102 cm)
Total Lenght255 cm with seat in normal direction of travel, 225 cm with seat in opposite direction
HeightWith low rollbar 150 cm. With high rollbar 190 cm
Empty weight750 kg
Maximum weight allowed1.400 kg

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