Magnetic Cover Lifter

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The cast iron manhole covers, are known for their weight and professionals know how difficult the opening operation is.

It is a practice based mainly on physical effort, which results in obvious discomfort to the body and safety issues.

The  CL10  is a modern accessory designed for those who work in the maintenance of water, gas, sewage networks and underground cables, an aid in the prevention of inconvenience deriving from maneuvering manhole covers. Unbalanced weight, possible back injuries, elements “glued” by asphalt, sand and rust, location on busy roads, repositioning and more.

The large number of models of manhole covers on the roads, moreover, means that there are a number of coupling systems for lifting.

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The CL10 manhole lift,  is based on a multifunctional system that adapts to all conditions.

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Thanks to various accessories, it is possible to lift the manhole covers directly by means of handles connected to the magnet, by means of levers to be hooked to the magnets, or by means of a trolley lever always attached to the magnet, which also allows them to be transported easily.

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The CL10 manhole lifter provides help in accident prevention and effort reduction. The operation is based on the principle of the lever, so to lift the manhole cover it is sufficient to exploit its own weight without the weight of the cast iron burdening the body.

Operations are facilitated and speeded up, both opening and repositioning of the closure.

The CL10 is equipped with a very powerful magnet (it can lift up to 15 tons in optimal conditions) that immediately and decisively adheres to any ferrous surface.

The magnetic coupling system does not require additional accessories, it adapts to various types, regardless of shape or surface configuration.

The CL10, light and compact ( 6.5 kg the magnet, 7.5 kg the telescopic lever) is easy to carry and does not require any maintenance.

The only precaution is required by the presence of a powerful magnet, so it is necessary to pay attention that normally are due in the vicinity of magnets, that is, they must be kept away from small metal objects, magnetic cards, electronic equipment, pace makers, etc. .

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