Hybrid Solar Panel


Spring is a multi-energy hybrid solar panel that, thanks to DualSun technology, allows at the same time a double energy production: electricity and heat. The generation takes place through a single solar panel, which performs its function while maintaining the dimensions of a standard photovoltaic panel.

This technological innovation makes it possible to satisfy the energy needs of buildings by minimizing the roof area occupied by the solar system.

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The DualSign Spring Panel concentrates the production capacity in a single new generation solar panel.

On average, a standard photovoltaic panel produces 80% of heat and only 20% of electricity.

This heat, in addition to being lost, negatively affects the performance of the panel, which decreases with increasing temperature.

Spring is equipped with an innovative heat exchanger, thanks to which it constantly cools, allowing a greater production of electricity compared to a standard photovoltaic panel (DualBoost® effect).

The water heat exchanger, located on the back, is protected by 3 families of international patents. It is composed of 165 polypropylene pipes of 5 mm in diameter that allow the circulation of water in the panel and optimize the heat transfer with the photovoltaic cells.  

The water, circulating in the exchanger, recovers the heat emitted by the solar cells and heats up to a maximum temperature of 70 ° C, after which it can be immediately used for different thermal needs of the building (DualHeat® effect) .

Technical features :

Length: 167.7 cm

Width  : 99 cm

Exchanger capacity: 5 liters

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