Mini Bulldozer Multifunction


For a private or a small agricultural company owning machines can be a dream, because of the necessary space and the economic commitment not always within reach.

There are varieties of machines with more or less specific functions: bulldozers, excavators, grass cutters, snow ploughs and so on, owning them all is a considerable resource commitment.

Avant produces a series of compact, versatile and powerful machines in relation to their compact sizes.

The Avant 200 series is a compact operating machine with 4-wheel drive, equipped with a quick coupling system and a hydraulic multi-connector that allow you to mount the various accessories available depending on the required function.

The 200 series is suitable for equipment management with a maximum hydraulic capacity of 42 l/min (Avant 225).

The wide range of Avant accessories allows you to work all year round, be it earth moving, lawn mower, excavation, load handling, snow removal, etc. The 200 series is much more than a tractor mower, a compact tractor or a quad.

Easy and efficient operation is guaranteed by easy access to the driver’s seat, ample space for the operator and logical controls with easy operation and excellent visibility of the work area.

Its compact size and easy handling allow endless possibilities in small spaces such as in the garden and in the holiday home. It’s easy to carry on a trailer, so you can move it anywhere you need it.

The Avant 200 series is a small essential aid, whether it’s mowing the lawn or doing soil work. It can intervene for small excavations or soil drilling.

By mounting the shovel you can use the Avant 200 as a bulldozer and as a loader, extremely easy to drive and very stable in operation.

The charger has been designed to allow an efficient and fast work rate even when the operator has to change the accessories often.

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The 200 series has low operating costs and is low maintenance, making it a very economical shovel.

This small bulldozer can do anything, has an incredible weight/power ratio and can perform even the heaviest work on the ground.

Technical Specifications:

EngineKohler CV640 Stage V, 4-stroke
Power (ECE R120)14,9 kW (20 hp)
Max Speed10 km/h
Towing Force620 daN
Hydraulic driveDirect hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with 4 hydraulic motors
Max flow rate hydraulic sockets30 l/min front, 7 l/min rear
Carrying capacity350 kg
Loading height1400 mm
Wheels20 x 8.00 -10 Grass or TR
Weight700 kg
Height1880 mm
Width995/1025 mm
Lenght1910 mm

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