Workstation Reclining


Working at the computer at home involves spending most of the day sitting in the same position. Maintaining the posture in the chair for many hours in a row, in the long run involves consequences from the point of view of physical well-being.

It is in fact always recommended to take regular breaks, to move and to change position periodically.

Altwork has created a workstation designed to ensure ergonomics, but above all versatility in terms of working position.

Altwork workstations are designed for professionals who work many hours at the computer, they are fully adjustable and designed to provide the body with ergonomic support and ideal comfort.

This workstation combines the best features of an ergonomic chair, an ergonomic desk and a standing workstation, all in an integrated station with chair, desk, computer and monitor.

To overcome long hours spent sitting at a desk and the negative impact on health and well-being, you can easily move from an inclined position to a standing desk.

While seated you can keep your feet on the floor in traditional desk style, otherwise you can resort to the adjustable leg rest to extend and support knees, ankles and feet.

You can then set the position completely reclined, to make the most of comfort and concentration.

From the responsive keyboard controls to the smoothness of the position control mechanism, every detail of the station is carefully considered.

This workstation allows you to move effortlessly from the standing position to the complete recline or you can select any intermediate position to meet the various activities and needs. The positions are adjustable via a keyboard from which you can control headrests, desk, monitor and leg rests. Settings can be memorized to quickly set a previous comfort position.

Altwork, has studied this station also thinking about the dimensions, every product is built to integrate perfectly in a well furnished house. With a fully reclined footprint of just 2 sqm built on a multi-directional wheel base, the Altwork station requires less floor space than a standard desk/chair combination and is easily transportable from room to room.

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