Energy Tile


In a world in search of technologies to save or produce energy, the discovery of new solutions aimed at saving and energy recovery are fundamental.

Interesting is the case of Pavegen, a floor tile that can produce electricity by exploiting the passage of humans.

As pedestrians normally walk on the pavement, the weight of their steps compresses electromagnetic generators producing electricity at every pressure.

The Pavegen system consists essentially of three components: an electromagnetic generator, a tile and … people.

The single tile has a shape designed to make the most of every step of the person walking.

The pressure produced at each step on Pavegen tiles creates a small vertical movement of 5 mm-10 mm compressing an electromagnetic generator and creating a rotary movement to produce 2-4 joules of energy (up to 5 watts of power).

The amount of energy that can be produced by an entire system is relatively low so it cannot be seen as a real energy supply tool.
This energy can be used to power lights, advertising screens, charge electronic devices or be stored in batteries for future use.

For example, you can create illuminated advertising installations to engage the public or you can take advantage of high pedestrian areas such as stations, airports or shopping centers.

Pavagen is an example of sustainable and innovative technology that can be seen as a contribution to raising awareness in reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

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