In-Line Hydraulic Microturbine


The generation of electricity by exploiting natural water resources has historically required titanic commitments from man. Great resources have been committed to the construction of massive construction works designed to contain and conveying water. The goal is to operate a device capable of transforming the kinetic and potential energy of the fluid into mechanical energy, that is, the hydraulic turbine.

At present, technology provides a great number of systems for exploiting water energy in dimensions and costs more affordable than in the past.

An example is represented by the MAS in-line micro- turbines, patented hydraulic machines of new conception. Designed to obtain clean energy from water, exploiting the flow of water already channeled or that of natural waterways.

These are machines which, despite being equipped with a sophisticated electronic regulation and control system, are relatively simple and very reliable from a mechanical point of view.

MAS microturbines are characterized by a compact structure, so they are ready for use and installation is relatively easy.

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Their operating technology allows them to be used both in clean water and in waste water (urban and industrial) with nominal powers ranging from 1 up to 250 kW.

The same technology also allows MAS turbines to adapt to variations in flow rate and prevalence of the flow through them. They are able to maintain high efficiency even with a variation of flow from 10% to 150% of the nominal one and pressures up to 10 bar.

These turbines require a prevalence of at least 3 m, this means that can be adapted to a multitude of situations. They can be easily installed in rivers, streams, sewers, irrigation canals, aqueducts, water recycling in air conditioning systems of buildings, skyscrapers and large structures.

From an environmental and noise point of view, the impact of MAS microturbines is minimized. These are submersible (IP 68), easy to install and can be inserted into pipes or manifolds through special connection flanges.

No lubricant or polluting material is used inside the machine, minimal masonry work is required. Their operation is completely silent, a total barrier of the waterway is not required, so the survival of the fish fauna is guaranteed.

MAS microturbines are produced with top quality materials, resistant to abrasion and corrosion, are easy to install, remove and easy to start.
 They can be inserted “in-line” in any application and used to reduce the pressure in any aqueduct without pollution problem.

Their management is particularly easy and they do not require assistance. The generator and other electrical components are waterproof and resistant to high pressures (MTBF> 50,000h, with clear water at nominal power).

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