Flower Turbine

flower turbine

The Flower Turbine is a vertical axis wind turbine that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity.

A central rotor is coupled with blades with a particular shape reminiscent of flower petals. When the wind blows, it makes the blades rotate around the central shaft, connected to a generator that produces electricity.

The design of the Flower Turbine allows it to operate efficiently at lower wind speeds than traditional horizontal axis wind turbines.

This is because the vertical axis design allows the turbine to capture wind from any direction, while horizontal axis turbines require the wind to blow in a specific direction.

This means that it can generate electricity in areas where wind speed may not be strong enough to power a traditional turbine.

The compact shape makes it suitable for use in urban and rural areas where space can be limited. This makes it an ideal option for residential or small-scale commercial applications, where traditional wind turbines may not be practical due to their size.

The unique shape of the Flower Turbine and the low speed operation also make it quieter and less impactful than traditional wind turbines, important features in urban and residential areas. In addition, the turbine’s low profile and bird-friendly design help minimize its impact on local ecosystems.

Overall, the Flower Turbine is an innovative and sustainable technology that offers a compact, efficient and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity from wind power.

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The Flower Turbine is easy to install and maintain, requires less specialized equipment and skills than traditional wind turbines. This makes it a more accessible option for individuals or organizations wishing to generate their own renewable energy.

The dimensions of the Flower Turbines may vary depending on the model and the specific design. You can go from small models (0.55 m dameter) to very large models (up to 5 kW power).

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