Heat Recovery From the Air

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Expelling the spoiled air contained in the rooms, smoke, CO2, smells, excess humidity, etc., is a common need for all closed environments, especially those where is necessary to maintain a certain living comfort. The necessary air exchange inevitably involves a loss of energy.

Prana devices are controlled mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery, designed to make healthy the environment in which you live or work.

The internal air is sucked in and expelled to the outside, its heat is retained to be transferred to the new air which in the meantime is introduced from the outside through a separate channel.

The newly introduced air, before being mixed with the heat, is purified with a patented cyclonic cleaning system and the  copper exchanger  – natural antiseptic.

The air thus treated, cleaned and heated, is reintroduced into the environment.

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The Prana ventilation system with heat recovery, does not require invasive interventions for its installation and is not bulky. The cylindrical body of the recovery unit, is placed  in the wall on which a hole will be made, so the main body is not visible: to be visible are the ends that protrude a few centimeters inwards and outwards.

The management of this system is possible with a remote control unit (remote control) with which to change the operating modes.

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The operating principle of the PRANA recovery unit, consists in introducing pure air taken from the outside and at the same time expelling the spoiled air contained in the rooms (such as smoke, smells, CO2, radon etc.).

In the high-efficiency exchanger contained in the recovery unit, the air that is expelled to the outside transfers its heat to the clean incoming air, without the two flows coming into contact with each other in any way.

The copper heat exchanger has ionization properties, that is, it ensures purification and protection from harmful microorganisms. Thanks to this material, the characteristics of the air and the components of natural energy indispensable for human health are preserved.

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The system is not equipped with filters in synthetic material on which germs and bacteria tend to nest (as happens in traditional air conditioners).

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75% of the dust particles present in the outside air do not enter inside and this happens thanks to another innovative mechanism: cyclonic cleaning. It is a system based on  the centrifugal force  that separates the air from the dust and directs it towards the condensate drain.

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