Hot-dip Galvanizing: Protect the Threads

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Hot dip galvanizing is a protective treatment of steel elements from corrosion with the final result of depositing a layer of zinc on the surface of the metal.

Since molten zinc is very dense, this process causes small cavities to be filled, which in some cases can interfere with the purpose for which the finished product is intended. 

This is the case of the threads, or of the elements of the hinges, which following the treatment, lose the mechanical tolerances with which they were designed.

There are various methods to prevent molten zinc from creeping into unwanted places:

  • Apply cloth tape on the threaded parts, which will carbonize during the treatment, but can be easily removed with a metal brush;
  • Apply plaster, putty or similar: it can only be used for blind holes, also in this case the zinc will not settle where it is not desired and it will be possible to easily remove the residual material at the end of the treatment.

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