Solar Power Bank Case


The Phoenix Generator is a power system based on lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged via solar panels . Everything is elegantly integrated and available in a simple case.

This case is a real power kit : it contains 2 solar panels of 10 watts each, 16 Ah lithium-ion batteries, an AC inverter, two DC ports and 4 USB ports.

The Power Gernerator is a compact and portable tool specially designed for mobile applications, ideal for all cases where off-grid power is required for short periods.

 Unlike most generators on the market, Phoenix Generator is an all-in-one solar system capable of delivering 20 watts of energy with integrated solar panels and if necessary, is able to expand up to 120 watts with additional panels.

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With the battery at full capacity, it can charge an Iphone 6s (1715mAH) up to 32 times, a GoPro (1160mAH) up to 47 times, or a laptop (40 Wh) up to 5 times.

Designed with practicality and versatility in mind, the Power Generator can be recharged in three ways: from the home mains, from the car socket and from solar panels.

This power supply is the ideal tool for weekend trips, picnics or for emergency blackout cases.

This power supply case does not require installation, is ready to use, practical to carry, has a weight of 5.8 kg for a closed size of 625 x 400 x 176 mm.

Technical features


Typologylithium ions
Life cycles1500
Maximum Charge Current9A
Certi fi cations / StandardsFCC, UN38.3 Standard, CE

Outgoing ports

Waveform of the inverterPure Sine Wave, 150W
AC Output Voltage110V (JP) 110V (US) 220V (EU) 230V (AU)
USB (4)5V, 2.4A Max (6A total)
CIG Out (cigarette lighter type)12V, 12.5A Max
DC Out (2)12V, 3A Max (6 A total)
Dimensions625 x 400 x 176 mm
Weight5.8 kg
Certi fi cations / StandardsFCC, UN38.3 Standard, CE

Entrance doors

(2) Panel Input Voltage17-30VCD
Maximum Power Panels100W


Operating temperature rangefrom -10 ° C to 40 ° C
Charging Temperature Rangefrom 0 ° C to 40 ° C
Rescue Temperature Range-20 ° C to 60 ° C
Cooling downFan + Convection
Dimensions625 x 400 x 176 mm
Weight5.8 kg
Certi fi cations / StandardsFCC, UN38.3 Standard, CE

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