Household Biodigester


The domestic biodigester is an ecological alternative to traditional waste collection and disposal of organic waste.
A biodigester is a plant that uses the biodigestion process to transform organic waste, such as food waste, into biogas and fertiliser.

Homebiogas is an autonomous system for the production of biogas for kitchen use directly from the backyard. An efficient and economical way to transform organic waste into energy.

The management of this system is quite simple: once installed and started, simply load the organic waste into the container and the bacteria will do the rest.

Food waste and food scraps still have calories that can be used to create energy. By loading this waste into the digester, the bacteria break down the organic matter and convert it into biogas and fertilizer. The storage bag will accumulate up to 600 liters of biogas , ready to be used for cooking needs (up to 2 hours a day).

It is a 100% natural process, similar to what happens in the stomach of humans.

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The gas produced smells and burns just like a traditional fuel gas, the only difference is that this gas is produced by recycling waste in the backyard.

A result of Homebiogas waste treatment is the production of high quality liquid fertilizer . The fertilizer flows from the discharge sleeve directly into the container ready to be used for plants and garden nutrition.

The commissioning of Homebiogas is quite simple:

  • It is necessary to choose a position, in a courtyard or open land so that it is close to the house and the kitchen (up to 20 meters). It is good to place HomeBiogas in a sunny area, in fact, bacteria thrive with heat.
  • Digester assembling, positioning and filling with water
  • Once assembled, the digester must be activated using animal manure or a kit of bacteria.

 Activation must be done only once, about 100 liters of manure are needed to create a healthy bacteria colony . Once activated, the bacteria fed by organic waste will contribute to the treatment and daily production of biogas.

HomeBiogas is an off-grid system, i.e. it does not depend on other energy sources, the treatment process is completely autonomous.

Technical specifications

Dimensions210x115x125 cm
Gas Tank Volume600 lt
Digester Tank Volume1500 lt
Maximum Daily Quantity of Kitchen Wasteup to 6 liters
Maximum Daily Quantity of Manure45 liters of sewage
Product gas consumption time (1 burner)Up to 2 hours a day

To see the price and for more information, visit the website.

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