Folding Car Trailer


The car trailer is essentially a two-wheel trailer for transporting things designed to be towed by a motor vehicle.

These trailers usefully perform the function for which they were designed, with relative advantages and convenience, but have the defect of requiring parking space when not used.

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Foldtrailer looks like a normal appendage trailer but actually hides a substantial difference.

It is a robust and capacious trailer for loading and transport of things or materials, but unlike traditional trailers, once its function is over, it folds on itself.

A practical mechanism allows the trailer to be folded easily and effortlessly, significantly reducing its dimensions, going from 3060 x 1547 x 851 mm in normal dimensions, to 270 x 1840 x 1555 mm when folded. 

This versatility shows its advantages inside a garage, being able to park a vehicle where otherwise the trailer would have been present and in this way it is possible to place it in front of the car.

The experience in the construction, the attention in the study of the structure, as well as the choice of quality materials, allow to obtain the best product, with great maneuverability and maximum safety during transport.

Technical specifications

Guy:FoldTrailer FT 751 / UBA, category O1
EC Type Approval:e5 * 2007/46 * 1343 * 00
Folded dimensions: Depth 270mm, height 1840mm, width 1555mm
Normal size:Length 3060mm, width 1547mm height 851mm
Distance between hook and wheel axle:2210mm
Load compartment:1700mm x 1500mm x 285mm
Gross weight:750 kg
Tare:180 kg
Range:570 kg
Wheels:Rubber 4.00-10 / Rim 3.50-10, pressure 3.5 bar
Materials:Galvanized steel, stainless steel, water-repellent wood
Full speed:100Km / h (depends on local legislation)
Suspensions:Leaf springs + oil shock absorbers
Electrical connection:12 V, 7-pin plug, with rear fog lights included.
Hook:ball 50mm
Accessories: Tarpaulin, spare wheel socket wrench

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