Mini Milling Machine with 5 Axis


Pocket NC V2-10 is a 5-axis CNC table top milling machine, a compact tool capable of reproducing even three-dimensional objects.

When it comes to reproducing an object in 3 dimensions, the first thought goes to 3D printers, which are based on the concept of additive manufacturing process: the part is built from the base by adding a layer of molten material at a time.

Milling instead is a subtractive process in which the material is removed from a solid using a sharp tool to reveal what will be the final piece.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which means that the machine is controlled by a series of codes and numbers issued by a computer, these codes are usually issued by a special software.

 Conventional milling machines can generally move on 3 linear axes at a time, usually there is a moving part that moving on the fixed part, can move forward and backward in two directions (X and Y axes) and the cutting tool can move up and down (Z axis).

The 2 axes of extra movement are rotational, which for the Pocket NC means that the part can also rotate around the X axis (A axis) and around the Y axis (B axis); the most immediate advantage of this is that it is possible to work on multiple faces of the piece without having to reposition it.

Pocket NC V2-10 can process materials up to a hardness equal to that of titanium G5 and is able to operate optimally with delrin (plastic), aluminum or softer steels.

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The stroke of the Pocket NC is 115 mm in X, 127 mm in Y and 90 mm in Z. The maximum stroke in the A axis is from -25 ° to 135° and the maximum stroke in the B axis is from -360°  to 360°.

The machine accepts the standard G code, comes with a series of accessories as standard, while additional accessories are available for purchase separately.

Technical Specifications:

Spindle Speed:2000-10000 g/min
Power:200 W (Max)
Dimension:444.5 mm x 279.3 mm
Connectivity:Ethernet, USB e mini USB
Power Supply:90-264 VAC, 127-370 VDC, 47-63Hz

For more information, visit the website.

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