Portable Manual Watermaker


Quench Sea is a revolutionary, affordable, portable and manually operated device capable of instantly transforming seawater into drinking water.

It is an innovative technology that, through a hydraulic system, a triple pre-filtration and a small reverse osmosis membrane, treats the salty sea water and returns fresh water.

Thanks to the human energy-based drive system (hand lever), at sea or on the coast, seawater can be converted immediately into fresh, clean drinking water.

Under average conditions it is capable of producing 2 liters per hour and up to 3 liters per hour under optimal conditions. The integrated filtration and microfiltration system retains suspended solids, viruses, bacteria, parasites and microplastics.

The fixed residue value is below 1000 TDS which is considered to be of good quality according to the WHO, but the QuenchSea tests indicate values ​​between 200 and 700.

Quench Sea uses industrial reverse osmosis membranes successfully tested up to 18,000 liters. With good maintenance and storage they can last up to 500 liters of treated water.

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Seawater desalination has many variables that affect membranes life, including pressure, temperature and water quality.

The compact design, low weight (0.7 kg), total independence from energy sources, make the Quench Sea a functional and practical tool to be transported and used anywhere.

QuenchSea is exclusively intended for the transformation of sea water into fresh water, so it is not suitable for other types of water.

Technical specifications

Desalination capacityAbove 2 liters / hour – under ideal conditions up to 3 liters / hour
Type of TechnologyReverse osmosis membranes
Weight0.7 kg
Seawater feed rate20 liters per hour
Pressure5.5 MPa
Max pressureRelease valve set to 6.0 MPa
Maximum temperature45 ° C (of incoming water)
QualityUnder 1,000 TDS and in any case in WHO standards
Rejection98% rejection of salts, depends on the salinity, temperature and pressure of the sea water flow

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