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DYNAMO is an energy generator machine, in the shape of a dodecahedron, capable of using different renewable energy sources to achieve maximum efficiency.

DYNAMO D12 is the most powerful multi-source version that combines the energy flows of Sun, Air, Earth and Water and ensures electricity, heating, cooling and production of DHW (domestic hot water).

Dynamo D12 is able to climate in hot and cool an area of ​​about twelve hundred square meters of a class A energy building, to produce domestic hot water for the daily use of 30 people and to produce electricity for uses related to air conditioning system and lighting systems.

Dynamo technology contributes to reducing the environmental impact by producing and storing electrical and thermal energy exclusively from renewable sources. The use of the Dodecahedron, compared to a traditional energy system, can annually avoid the emission of about 30 tons of CO2.

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This system combines multiple technologies to use natural sources and produce energy. The walls are made with latest generation thin film photovoltaic panels. The absorbing power of photovoltaic is enhanced by a reflecting screen at the base of the solid. The sunlight hitting the reflecting surface is reflected and diffused in the direction of the downward facing faces of the Dodecahedron. The thermal heart of the machine is a geothermal (or aerothermal) heat pump and an inertial storage system. The electrical energy of the photovoltaic panels ensures the power supply of the heat pump and its auxiliary devices, while the electric battery stores the surplus energy accumulated during the daytime hours of greatest production and supplies it if necessary for the domestic usersc. Energy inputs and outputs are managed and optimized by a central control system.

Technical specifications

D12 SD12 MD12 L
Electric power7 kW7 kW7 kW
Electric storage16 kWh24 kWh32 kWh
Thermal power30 kW50 kW100 kW
Height4450 mm4450 mm4450 mm
Depth’5230 mm5230 mm5230 mm
Width5500 mm5500 mm5500 mm
Operating temperatures:-4 ° F to 122 ° F / -20 ° C to 50 ° C
Installation:Fixed to the floor

The structure of Dynamo D12 can be completely dismantled and assembled on site, and all the structural components can be transported in containers. The framework of the solid consist of 11 pentagons made of metal tubular with a 70x70x3 section, and a special element constituting the access door. The pentagons are assembled on site by bolting L-plates bent at the appropriate angle.

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