Water  Generator from the Air


In the natural transformation of water, the moisture present in the atmosphere condenses and falls in the form of rain. Once in the ground, rainwater is enriched with minerals before emerging into natural sources.

Veragon machines do exactly the same, they condense moisture into water , after which they sterilize it through treatment with ozone and UV light and finally mineralize it.

The VERAGON’S V05 CIV machine exploits the natural humidity of the air for the production of high quality mineralized drinking water, with minimal environmental impact and at a lower cost than bottled water on the market.

The V05 CIV (AWG) “Air to Water” generator starts the process by conveying the humid air through a filtration system to the condensation chamber. Here, the filtered air comes into contact with the walls of the exchanger from which it is cooled and brought to its dew point. This process induces the condensation of water vapor in the air, transforming the physical state of water from gaseous to liquid.

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The condensed water is collected in a storage tank and purified with ozone or alternatively chlorine, to oxidize and inert the impurities and bacteria.

The sanitized water is then mechanically filtered, removing unpleasant smells and flavors.

At this point the disinfected and filtered water is mineralized through special mineralizing cartridges or, optionally, through micro dosage and dilution of hyper concentrated mineral salts.

Before final use, the water is finally cooled by a chiller (optional in the basic version) which makes it pleasantly cool to drink.

To avoid contamination from the tap, the last stage of the treatment is irradiation with ultraviolet rays and therefore, the quality of the water meets the standard requirements for drinking water. Dedicated probes constantly monitor the water quality.

Veragon’s V05 CIV produces 500 liters of water per day, under optimal conditions. This provides a viable alternative solution to wells or other water supply systems, such as bottled water, reverse osmosis or desalination.

Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature14℃~45℃
Operating Humidity30% 95%
Total Power5.5 kW
Rated VoltageAC 338V
Dimension220 x 190 x 120 cm
Internal Tank500L

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