Portable Pile Driver


In agriculture and animal husbandry, building or repairing fences is an ongoing necessity. Making fences mainly involves planting support poles on which will then be placed the nets or guide wires for the screws.

Planting poles is a physically demanding task, the pile driver ManSaver allows you to relieve fatigue by reducing work time. The ManSaver Post Driver and a portable air compressor make it possible to plant a number of posts with minimum effort and time, which is unthinkable with the system based on human force.

The operating system is based on the principle of a piston that is moved (raised and lowered) by the compressed air, going to produce shocks that repeatedly simulating the “blow of the bat” allow the pole to penetrate the ground.

The Man Saver is an excellent alternative to larger, heavy and expensive equipment such as hydraulic pile drivers. This air driven tool guides the metal uprights quickly and accurately, saving time and preventing injuries.

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Its design has been designed to make it light and portable, so as to facilitate transport even in hard to reach places.

Rohrer Manifacure Inc has developed a series of plant stakes with adapters that allow you to plant a wide variety of sizes, from T-shaped profiles up to 3.5 inch diameter tubes. The weight of the single tool can vary from 11 to 22 kg depending on the model.

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